1.) Who was the first “Female” Recipient of the Sangita Kalanidhi Award? 

Answer : Bharat Ratna Smt. MS. Subbulakshmi 
Being the birth centenary year of Smt.MS.Subbulakshmi, this is a small tribute to the Nightingale of Carnatic Music.

2.) Jumble – LHRABIAI (kamakoti ____ nuta kamale ; sings Shri Muttuswami Dhikshitar)

Sri. Muttuswamy Dikshitar Jayanthi was celebrated on March 24th. In the song Kamakshi Varalakshmi, he has beautifully brought out the raga mudra (bilahari) by referring to goddess Kamakshi of Kanchipuram as the one worshipped by Mahavishnu (hari) who resides inside a hole (bila) in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

3.) Identify the Artiste and the Ragam in the clip attached!  

Answer: Artiste – Palghat Sri. KV Narayanaswamy Raga- Nattakurinji

MusIQ -1 started on April 1 2016, exactly 14 years after Sri KVN mama left the mortal world. His music shall always be immortal.

MusIQ 1

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